Pulsar Astrogation

by Chris L Van Brederode (GRREY@prodigy.net)

I was thinking about a system that could be used with hyperdrive systems (that is popping into place and having to figure out where you are), but the system can work for anyone.

It works off the same principle as modern GPS, sorta, and uses Pulsars. Pulsars and as accurate or more accurate than any atomic clock we can make, they also slow down at a very precise speed.

Here's how it would work with a hyperdrive ship:

After the ship comes out of hyperspace, it looks at pulsar A, and finds that it is going at a rate that was observed at its point of origin one year ago. Due to Enstiens laws, the ship has to be (1-minus the time in hyperspace) Light-year closer to the pulsar. Using 4 or 5 pulsars could get a fix as accurate as the margin of error in measuring allows (which, if modern GPS gives us any idea, should be a lot better than the ship will ever need), and a ship just out of hyperspace will have a good idea of about where it should be, so it should also know where to look for certain (reliable ?) pulsars.

This system should be easly adaptable to STL travel, just have it going all the time, and remember to take time dilation into account.

Comments welcome.