Codes of Honor Compilation

Compiled by Michael Martin (mcmartin@s277-7.CS.Berkeley.EDU)

[Note: A while ago, there was a long brainstorm thread on some discussion board on the Net (I don't recall exactly which it was; I think it might have been, but I'm not sure) about various Codes of Honor besides those presented in the GURPS Basic Set. The end result of that thread was this compilation, which I decided to put among the general RPG articles rather than in the Rare GURPS Items page, since Codes of Honor are also used in many other systems, under different names. -- Incánus]

Clerical Code of Honor (StevenA201)

Politician's Code of Honor (StevenA201)

Noblesse Oblige (Geoffrey Brent)

Halfling Code of Hospitality & Duty (Little Fish in a Big Pond)

Librarian's Code Of Honor (Xiphias Gladius)

The Evil Librarian's Code of Honour (Geoffrey Brent)

The Unseen University Librarian's Code of Honour (Phillip Ames)

Scientist's Code of Honor (StephenA201)

Mad Scientist's Code of Honor (many people):