Freshthings from Sunnydale

or: Where will Sunnydale High's most Illustrious students go when they graduate?
A Fanfic/Gameseed

by Dalton Spence (

[Author's note: Because this article was cross-posted to both the and newsgroups, there is bound to be some redundant information. Please bear with me, and remember to check where your followups are going.]

Unless I've got the timeline of ttay togethehe series horribly wrong, next season Buffy Summers (aka. the Vampire Slayer) and her friends will have to make a choice about where they will go for their post secondary education. Of all the possibilities, I can think of only one that would allow the whole "Scooby Gang" to sr and still pursue their various interests (and just maybe give Buffy the edge she needs to survive her "career").

I speak of course of Illuminati University [copyright 1995 by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated]. (If you never heard of it, I'll be glad to supply some details by private e-mail.) Our gang would feel right at home on the campus of IOU; thing can happen there make the Hellmouth look positively mundane. In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised to discover that Sunnydale is not only the unnamed town that surrounds IOU, but that the ArchDean is its mysterious unnamed mayor. Although where she'd find the time ... oh right, she is the ArchDean after all, she could literally make the time or have Dr. What(7), the Dean of the College of Temporal Happenstance, Ultimate Lies and Historical Undertakings [C.T.H.U.L.H.U.] make it for her.

The only trouble I can forsee (well, except for their inevitable adventures) is breaking Buffy of the habit of Slaying every mons... err, non-human person she sees; they could be classmates, staff or even faculty. Not that she could do much damage; between the Resurrectatron at the Lazarus Health Center and the Treatment of faculty and senior staff, most of her potential targets are literally immune to slaying. However, such disruptive behaviour would inevitably bring her to the attention of the ArchDean, who could do things to her that Principal Snyder can only dream about.

Below are my humble ideas about where Buffy and the Slayerettes would fit into IOU campus life. Feel free to use them either for fanfic or a GURPS roleplaying adventure (or both, if you're feeling particularly creative). Note that if IOU is in Sunnydale, they wouldn't have to live on campus.

Primary Characters

A Physical Education major from the School of Creative and Performing Arts (SPCA) is her best bet to learn the required combat and athletic skills she would need for her "job". She might even be able to get a sports scholarship based on her Slayer abilities.

Would get a job at the Library, only to discover to his horror that his new superior Ignatius Potts is the cousin (or possible clone) of his former boss Principal Snyder, seemingly identical in both appearance and attitude. As a slight compensation for this tragedy, the collection of esoterica available there makes his own personal library of occult works look like a bunch of mass market paperbacks.

Would find her nirvana in the Department of THE Computer Science at the School of Weird and Unnatural Science and Engineering (W.U.S.E), with a possible minor in Thaumaturgy at the College of Metaphysics (CoM) or Ancient or Medieval History at C.T.H.U.L.H.U. Her goal would be to bring the Watchers into the twenty-first century (perhaps literally).

The Department of Hysteria (of course) in SPCA. This would put her in the same school as Buffy, and give her a chance to meet the Jocks on the Team. She'd join the Beta Chi Nu sorority (she is already a true "Bitchen Bitch") and might even take up cheerleading again. Her big Secret would be her relationship with Buffy and the others: her "sisters" would never understand. ("You call it backsliding, I call it taking-back-my-life!")

Something in the College of Communications (CoC) I think, possibly in the Departments of Journalism or Mass Media. (I was going to make him a English major, but I like him too much to stick him in the School of Anti-Social Sciences.) He could try for a Cinematography major placing him in SPCA with Cordy and Buffy.

His lycanthropy would be nothing special here, but I'm not sure SPCA has a music program (it probably does, but it's not listed in the book). He'd take a minor in THE Computer Science just to be near "his" Willow. He'd be a year ahead of the others, and therefore be able to introduce them to the more "unusual" aspects of campus life (maybe even before they become students).

Lives in L.A. now, but drops by the campus from time to time to see Buffy and consult with Giles.

Secondary Characters

She is perfecting her witchcraft at the College of Metaphysics, and helping Buffy and company whenever possible. Mr. Snyder thoughtfully presented her with her mother's cheerleading trophy upon graduation, and (although she's not quite sure why) she keeps it on her bookcase looking over her shoulder as she studies her mother's grimoires.

Forgave Cordy's outburst in "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" and continues to follow her example by taking the same courses and joining the same sorority (without the same Secret, of course).

Takes business courses from the Department of Empire Building of the School of Conservative Arts (SCA), with a minor in Information Management (CoC). He's also a member of the Society for Unimaginative Anachronism (SUA).

Still in the closet, but only just. He's one of the few Team members that "nice" girls feel safe dating, and is universally considered "a great guy for a Jock". His Team-mates are puzzled by his behavior, but he's too good an athlete to risk antagonizing. Larry still has a secret (if hopeless) crush on Xander, but fails to notice his gentlemanly behaviour has won him quite a few female admirers.

Drops by the campus sometimes to visit his cousin "Fred" the "Dean-mon" of the College of Metaphysics.