[Weather Icon] Weather

This is an excellent program I've found by accident exactly when I needed it the most, and I use it extensively to create realistic and detailed weather for my roleplaying campaigns. It is not rules-specific, and can be used in any RPG -- you can even create your own environments, with several moons, different year lengths etc. Here is some important info from its ReadMe file:

"Weather is a weather-generating system for any role-playing game. It is freeware, and can be freely distributed as long as it is unaltered, and as long as this document and the Calendar Archives document go with it.

Weather is a HyperCard stack (for HyperCard 2.1+) that can be used on any Macintosh computer. It was designed for PowerBooks, so the information could be read off from the computer as required, but basic weather information can also be exported to a text file if you want to print it out. For reasonable performance and ease of use, at least a 68040 Mac and a PowerBook-sized screen is recommended."

Download You can download the Weather 2.2 here (340 kB)